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Yearly Maintenance


Jewelry repair is done by our jewelers and we want to service it quickly to get it back on your finger. You probably have never taken it off! So we don't want your finger to feel naked.

Prongs wearing down need re-tipping or head replacement. Head replacement is needed if more than two of the prongs show signs of wear. Let our jewelry repair experts help strengthen the foundation that holds your precious cargo.


Your prongs are securing and protecting your diamond. We must keep them strong.

Your head has begun to wear away. This can happen on one or both sides of the ring if you are wearing it against another band and they are constantly moving. It would be time to solder them together or consider separating them. Depending on the amount of wear, you jewelry might require repair or a new head.

The head has worn from two ring rubbing against each other.

Shank is wearing thin. This is common to see on older rings or rings that are not built for strength but for cost. The settings we build start with a thicker shank so it takes longer for the ring to look this way. This can also occur from too much cleaning. Every time a ring is buffed a layer of gold must be removed to eliminate scratches and gouges. When a shank is worn thin it is recommended to reshank the ring. We remove the old shank and rebuild a thicker shank. Remember this is what is the foundation for your setting!

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