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Final Touches

This is where we put the final touches on the custom jewelry. Things like finish, texture, and details are added. We can do many different things to show a different texture. For example, adding a brushed finish to one section of the jewelry and a hammered finish to another can display a unique contrast for the design.


We will also do a quality inspection of the jewelry to make sure we are 100% satisfied and know it is ready for delivery. We want it to be spectacular for you when you see it for the first time since the prototype phase. You will also have a chance upon delivery to inspect the craftsmanship of the jewelry and marvel over its unique design aesthetics.

We then put it in a presentation box and will gift wrap it for you if desired. Most of the time if you do not want it gift wrapped we will make sure to give you the necessary components to complete the finished look at home. The jewelry is off to its new home to be admired over and worn as a fashion statement for years to come.

Custom Design Process

How long will your custom setting take to create. We have created a process to ensure that the finished design will be your favorite piece of jewelry. Most custom orders take on average 3-6 weeks

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