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Fordite Care

Fordite is automotive paint and can scratch just like you car. Learn how you can take care of your jewelry that contains Fordite and preserve it for the future. The process of the production of Fordite is painting and baking the material over and over. Sometimes some of the material would be baked over 100 times before it is eventually removed from its host material.

Because of the differences of its production, the material has different durability. Fordite has a medium hardness and will take a high gloss finish.


Fordite Care

We recommend you use a simple cleaning process. Like most soft material Fordite is susceptible to light scratches from frequent wear or aggressive cleaning techniques. Follow the steps below.

The simple cleaning process:

Step 1: heat a cup of water to a lukewarm temperature. (about 25-30 seconds) There are many variables to this so your finger is the best test for temperature.

Step 2: add Dawn or Joy dish soap to the water and stir it in. (This soap is non abrasive and works the best for jewelry)

Step 3: Take the mixture and a soft baby toothbrush and gently scrub the piece of jewelry. (Soft brushes are better because there is less of a chance of damaging the stone or scratching the metal)

Step 4: Allow the jewelry to soak in the soapy mixture and then repeat step 3 until the jewelry is cleaned.

Step 5: Air dry jewelry, then rub metal with a polishing cloth.

*We do not recommend any other cleaning techniques as they might damage the Fordite. If more stringent cleaning is required please do not hesitate to contact us.

------This includes jewelry ultrasonics; prolonged use in the ultrasonic can cause damage to the material and sometimes even separation of the layers------

*Do not use silver dips or jewelry cleaning solutions.


The Fordite cabochons that are set in our jewelry have been checked for strength before being considered for use in our jewelry. Since Fordite is baked together some of the rough might show signs of structural weakness, the cabochons that we use do not get set in our jewelry if they show any signs of structural weakness.


Necessary Precautions

All of our jewelry is set so there is no direct contact with the wearer. The back is open to view the beauty of the material front and back. The Fordite comes in many forms and some of the older enamels and paints may contain traces of materials that could be toxic or harmful if ingested, absorbed, or inhaled as dust.

When we work with the material such as shaping, sanding and polishing, we utilize proper health and safety precautions such as fitted dust mask and adequate eye protection. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid contact. Keep the material out of reach of children. Keep away from heat or flame.

How did Fordite form? Learn of the history of Fordite and why this material has become desired by many collectors.

Fordite comes in many different colors. The colors often tell a story of the origin and time period it came from.

Here you will find some examples of the custom jewelry created by Jewelry Set in Stone. Get some ideas for your own creation using Fordite.

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