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Dinosaur Bone wax prototype
Custom Mt. St. Helen Prototype
Custom Wax Prototype
Custom Wax Prototype
Wax Prior To Carving
Wax Prototype Ready For Approval
Wax Prototype In Early Stages
Wax Prototype, Flower Ring
Wax Prototype Removal of Wax
Rose Ring Wax Prototype
Rose Ring Wax Prototype
Wedding Band Wax Prototype
Wedding Band Wax Prototype
Wax Block
Wax Prototype for Fordite
Montana Agate Custom Carving

3D Prototype

During this stage of the process we are creating the prototype for you to view. Most of the time the wax prototypes are carved unless we are hand fabricating the jewelry. During this process we take the design sketch and start with a wax block or tube. We can envision the jewelry being formed as we are carving the piece. When they start they are just a block of wax, when we are finished we have a wax prototype that you are ready to view.  

Wax models are used both for going over Design details and for production of Cast Pieces. We have highly skilled wax carvers available at your service to ensure an artistic touch to your design. 





Viewing the prototype

Creating the prototype is fun for us! After the prototype is completed you get to have the fun! You are involved in the process and are able to try on the prototype, envisioning your design coming to life. At this step in the process we are looking for you to decide if it is ready for the next phase in production. If it isn't quite ready we appreciate your suggestions. If design alterations are needed, we will work with you and set up another viewing. Most of the time we have created a wax model that is the 3D version of the 2D sketch, so the alterations tend to be minor changes. We do not take offense if it is not exactly what you want and will work with you until you are excited for it to go to the casting stage.  


When the wax is approved we will move to the casting phase of the process.

Custom Design Process

How long will your custom setting take to create. We have created a process to ensure that the finished design will be your favorite piece of jewelry. Most custom orders take on average 3-6 weeks

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