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Lost wax casting process


At this phase we use a method called the lost wax casting process.

The prototype of the jewelry is attached to a wax sprue. This is then attached to a rubber base and the steel flask is placed around the prototype. We mix up an investment (combination of a powdered substance called investment and water) which will be poured into the flask that the jewelry is sitting in. This flask is going to create a negative mold from the wax prototype because the wax is burned away the the metal is cast into the mold. (Hence where it gets its name lost wax casting process) The investment hardens around the prototype and after completely drying we place the flask into the oven.


The flask is heated in the kiln. The temperature is gradually brought up to 2,000 degrees F before climbing back down to the correct casting temperature of the metal being used. We use a centrifugal casting method in which the metal is heated to a liquid state and shot into the mold through centrifugal force. The flask cools and the investment is broken away from the metal leaving our jewelry ready for cleanup and polishing.

Centrifugal Casting

Custom Design Process

How long will your custom setting take to create. We have created a process to ensure that the finished design will be your favorite piece of jewelry. Most custom orders take on average 3-6 weeks

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