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Dave Grimes Gemstone Dinner Party

May 4th 2024

Have you ever had the opportunity to see beautifully cut gemstones before they are turned into beautiful jewelry? What color stone works best for you? What if you had a chance to talk with the cutter and request them to find a stone for you and cut it into any shape or cut you desired?​

The Gemstone Dinner Party gives you the opportunity to dive into the personal collection of our Gemstone Cutter Dave Grimes. You're invited to join Dave Grimes and award-winning jewelry designer, Stephen Kolokithas for an exclusive and memorable night out.​

You will get an opportunity to see, feel, and experience each stone and get an opportunity to add one or more to your personal stone collection. If you are looking for a unique gemstone that you have dreamed about, then Dave can source and cut you exactly what you want. 


Dave Grimes is passionate about cutting gemstones and has been one of Jewelry Set in Stones Custom cutters since the beginning. Dave is responsible for refaceting gemstones, cutting for any situation including my unique and eclectic style. If you are looking for something that will wow Dave can cut you to your dreams desires.

What is a Gemstone Dinner Party?

A Gemstone Dinner Party is a fun dinner party where gemstones are the main course. Enjoy a dinner and evening of fun hosted by Jewelry Set in Stone and Dave Grimes. This evening includes a sit down dinner, drinks, and lots and lots of beautiful gemstones. 

How does the evening work? 

At the beginning of the evening you will be treated to a wonderful dinner and drinks. Once you have sat down you will get to hear stories of Dave's many years of experience cutting high quality gemstones and his path to become a cutting expert. After dinner is cleared a series of gemstones from Dave's personal collection will be passed around the table. This evening is a learning experience partnered with a chance to purchase directly from Scott's collection of fantasy cut and fancy colored gemstones. 


May 4th  6-8pm 
*if you are unable to make the dinner party and would still like to meet with Dave one on one he will be doing private appointments in May before the dinner party during the day and after the dinner party by appointment  in our s


310 North Main Street, Suite 202A,Chelsea MI 48118
Party will be in our spacious and beautiful Studio inside the Chelsea Clocktower.

Who is attending?

This invitation is to anyone who would like to experience the event. Bring a friend, husband, wife, and meet some new friends. You must reserve your spot ahead of time, send an email to or call the studio at 734-353-0703. There are a limited number of spots available. 


This event is free to attend and will feature a full dinner by Stoyann's Catering along with drinks and dessert. This is a great opportunity to acquire/purchase one of Scott's stones and speak directly to the cutter to understand how the stone came to be. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Seating is limited to 16 guests each night so make sure you reserve your spot today. The form will be updated above as the dates are confirmed. 
Contact Jewelry Set in Stone by eithe
or phone number 734-353-0703

fill out our form to get the first contact once our event goes live. 

Private One on One Appointments with Dave will be Available before the Dinner Party: 

Details for the Dinner Party

Date and Time: May 4th

​Register today to RESERVE YOUR SEAT

Admission is FREE and dinner + drinks are complimentary—but seating is limited. A reservation is required.


You can request to bring a friend, ask when you send the Request Form!!

***Jewelry Set in Stone will be closed to the public for the Gemstone Dinner Party.

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