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Custom Design Timeline

How long does custom jewelry take to create?

The Custom Design Timeline varies depending on the piece of jewelry being designed. In most cases it takes on average, 3-6 weeks. For a more intricate design it can take an average of 6-8 weeks. In some special circumstances a design can be rushed. If you have a short timeline let us know as soon as possible! 


The custom design process is unique and fun! We work with realistic schedules for our clients. We are excited to deliver a high-quality product and be a part of the special moments in your life. 


Average Timeline

  • Initial Consultation with client: one hour +

  • Sketches and pricing are discussed at the initial consultation

    • If more time is needed for design elements to be incorporated they will be delivered ASAP.

  • Stone Sourcing: one to seven days

    • Depending on the complexity and rarity of the stone

  • Wax Prototype and Viewing: up to one week

    • Adjustments can add up to three days

    • This part of the process is crucial. It is a chance to make any alterations to the design. We encourage customers to take as much time as needed to approve the design.

  • Casting into metal: up to one week

  • Adding design elements like a finish, Setting stones: up to two weeks

  • Engraving if needed: up to five days

  • Final Approval: up to five days

* Custom Designs will not be delivered if we believe the work is not perfect. We take pride in delivering a high-quality finished product.

Custom Flower Pendant

Custom Design Process

How long will your custom setting take to create. We have created a process to ensure that the finished design will be your favorite piece of jewelry. Most custom orders take on average 3-6 weeks

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