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Scott Sucher is a world renowned cutter. He is well know for his work with the Discovery Channel and Smithsonian in discovering the Genealogy of the Hope Diamond. Scott has worked in replicating over 35 world famous diamonds including the Cullinan Series Diamonds, the Tiffany diamond, Elizabeth Taylor Burton Diamond and others that some of us would only dream of seeing in person.

Scott started cutting at the age of  14, and at 19 he learned to facet; at that point cubic zirconia just started to hit the market. At 19 Scott started to put together his own replica collection and over 4 1/2 decades later he has a world renown collection. Scott is not a traditional cutter by any mention, He has learned through years of research and error. Scott has cut material of all types and continues to test his skill against some of the most challenging materials in the world. In his collection of natural stones, Scott has the only known concave faceted sulfur; this material is so frail and sensitive to both thermal and physical shock that no one has attempted to cut it (so sensitive that putting the material in your hand  because of the temperature difference could shatter it). So if he can cut this stone he can accept any challenge in front of him. Scott now has found a love of cutting natural stones/gemstones of all materials. This material ranges from small to large gemstones and includes many rare and unique gemstones. To maximize the potential of the stones Scott has found a love for concave faceting. We have been honored to host Scott for several private appointments and gemstone dinner parties. If you would like to see all of Scott's collection follow this link to his museum replica collection. If you would like to be added to our upcoming Gemstone Dinner Party click here to learn more. 


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