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Colors of Fordite

Rare Fordite Paint Slab
Custom Fordite Cabochons
Chrysler Specific Fordite
Chrysler Specific Rough
Older Colors Fordite Cabochons
Corvette Specific Fordite Slab
Corvette Specific Fordite Slab
Custom Fordite Slab
Fordite Cabochons
Custom Fordite Rough
Variety of Fordite Rough
Fordite Rough Slab
Ford Specific Fordite
Ford Specific Fordite
Bulls eye Fordite Rough
Custom Fordite Cabochons and Rough
Fordite Rough
Fordite Rough

The colors of fordite can vary from the different time periods of formation and there is even some paint that is defined by the type of vehicle. Often the older paints are sometimes harder to define to specific manufacturers. The most desired paint is the older paint from the Ford River Rouge Plant and often has bright greens, oranges and metallic colors. Some of the oranges and yellows are suspected to be from factories that produced the municipal vehicles. The layers of paint can contain gray primer layers between the vibrant colors and sometimes even shiny flakes of metallic paint. 

The oldest paint contains browns and and blacks. You can see the years of production through the paint colors. Much like fashion clothing styles the paint colors define the time period and origin. The pastels and psychedelic colors are definitive of the 60's to 70's. The newest paint has many reds, silvers, blacks and even some blues. There is even specific paint defined to Corvettes. What style are you drawn to.

How did Fordite form? Learn of the history of Fordite and why this material has become desired by many collectors.

Fordite comes in many different colors. The colors often tell a story of the origin and time period it came from.

Here you will find some examples of the custom jewelry created by Jewelry Set in Stone. Get some ideas for your own creation using Fordite.

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