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Custom Design Process

How long will the custom design process take?

Most custom orders take 3 to 6 weeks from our initial design session to the completed product. Check out the links below for more information on timing.

Custom Design Timeline

How long does custom jewelry take to create?

The Custom Design Timeline varies depending on the piece of jewelry being designed. In most cases it takes 3-6 weeks on average. For a more intricate design it can take an average of 6-8 weeks. In some special circumstances a design can be rushed. If you have a short timeline let us know as soon as possible! 

Pricing, Estimates and Payment Process

Our work is custom-made and requires more attention to detail than a mass-produced piece of jewelry. The pricing can vary depending on the medium, style and design. We work with our customers on pricing and are able to design within all budgets.  The most important part of the custom process is to provide you with a product that fits your personality and is worn, not stored in your jewelry box. To start the process we require a deposit of 50% of the estimated price of custom work and full payment on major stones once a design has been approved. 

Design Session

We meet with you to discover who you are and what your story is. Everyone's story is an adventure, how did yours begin? If you are getting engaged, where did you meet? What is the occasion? How can we make this next part of your adventure special? We work to develop the relationship with you first, and then start working with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Creating the Prototype

If your design requires casting, we first create an exact replica in a wax model. This allows you to see the piece of jewelry before it is cast in the metal and allows for alterations to the design. We find the wax prototype helps you envision the end product. The artistry and craftsmanship used to create these one of a kind replicas will amaze you!


After the approval of the prototype it is time to cast.  We use the Lost Wax Casting process and centrifugal force to cast with the metal of your choosing. A negative mold is made from the wax prototype before the wax is burned away and metal is cast into the mold. We can repurpose your old gold or use fresh casting grain. 

Hand Fabrication

Hand fabrication is a process of making jewelry from nothing. We use sheet, bar stock and wire to create intricate designs. This technique takes longer than the process of casting but the result is something that cannot be duplicated using other methods. Sometimes the design will call for an entire piece or a portion to be hand made.

Stone Setting

We can set your stones or our hand-picked stones. Each stone is measured, seated properly and hand set. This enables us to pay attention to detail and make sure the stones are secured in the setting to last.

Final Touches

At this stage of the process we make sure that all design elements have been included. We will add any polish, textures or finishes required. 



14K yellow/white Gold Pendants

Custom 14K yellow and white gold pendants. This is an orthodox cross.

Damascus Steel Pendants

Custom Damascus steel pendants. The Damascus is custom shaped and has the batman symbol etched.

Custom Designed Initial Pendant

This pendant was custom designed with the kids initials. The pendant was created using the customers anniversary band. The pendant showcases the kids initials.

Custom Sterling Silver Drusy Pendant

Custom designed sterling silver drusy pendant. This pendant is created to enhance the natural color of the drusy quartz stone.

Custom Copperbrick Earrings

Custom shaped copperbrick earrings. The copperbrick is a byproduct of the copper smelting in Northern Michigan

Custom St. Joseph Pendant

Custom designed St. Joseph Pendant.

Custom Argentium Silver Earrings

Custom designed argentium silver earrings. Set with tanzanite and citrine.

Custom Petoskey Silver Pendant

Custom designed argentium silver Petoskey pendant. This pendant was designed for the St. Joseph of Chelsea annual benefit.

Custom Sterling Silver Drusy Pendant

Custom designed sterling silver drusy pendant. This pendant is created to enhance the natural color of the drusy quartz stone.

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