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Owner, Designer and Jeweler  Stephen Kolokithas

I have a beautiful wife, Katie, and three kids, Jacob, Anna, and Lee. They are the love of my life and one of the best things has been opening this business with my wife by my side. I have had the opportunity to be there for my wife through the birth of our three kids and been able to continue to do what I love in the Jewelry Industry. 

One of my favorite artists is M. C. Escher. His work plays with different dimensions and the individual’s perceptions of these dimensions. In jewelry design, the process begins with a two-dimensional drawing and it is up to the viewer to extrapolate what the three-dimensional piece will look like. To me, this is a mixture of science and art, and something that Escher mastered.  The piece of art must evoke a sense of direction and guide you to a conclusion.

Through my work, I look to create, to tell a story or adventure, to provide this sense of direction to my clients, as most of the time jewelry is purchased for a special occasion or to remember an iconic moment in our lives. When someone is looking at my jewelry I want them to dive into the work of art and get lost in the possibilities as I do during the creative process. I deeply enjoy sharing my knowledge of jewelry creation and educating my clients, as I believe this is an important part of the creative process. It allows us to be partners in creating this piece that they will carry with them forever.

My process is different from many other custom jewelers in that I want my clients to walk away with the knowledge of exactly what they are getting and—most importantly—the feeling that they are getting exactly what they want. My process of making jewelry is fun and exciting and often I find myself staring into a blank page, waiting to develop something new. It generally comes easily, as design is all around us!

I find my inspiration in a variety of places, from sitting next to a babbling stream to walking around an abandoned building. I look to capture a part of what inspired me, be it the movement in nature or the sleek lines in industrial beauty. Armed with a drawing pad and pencil, I sketch multiple designs for each piece of jewelry I have in mind. I find drawing multiple versions of a piece helps me to refine the design and ultimately let the design speak for itself.  This process also allows me to step back and look at a variety of options before beginning the actual production. The design direction often becomes a merger of two designs that speak the most to me.  

Jewelry is more than just a product to me, it is composed of a process. With my process you will get the best product any other method could acquire.  I want to be a part of your story and in small ways help to make your moments more special by creating a custom piece of jewelry specifically for you.


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