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Stephen's Dinner Party

February 9th and 10th

We are breaking into the vault of stones that have been waiting for the right person to see them. I do not have a problem, I have a collection. This collection will be available for the first time and is comprised of gemstones that are both unique and stunning. The collection of stones 


You're invited to dive into my personally selected collection of gemstones. award-winning jewelry designer, Stephen Kolokithas for an exclusive and memorable night out.​

You will get an opportunity to see, feel, and experience each stone and get an opportunity to add one or more to your personal stone collection. If you are looking for a unique gemstone that you have dreamed about, then Stephen can source and find exactly what you want. I will be traveling to Tucson the end of January and you will be able personally request us to find your stone to present to you on the evening.

I have designed jewelry since my days in studio art class in high school. I love jewelry and love discovering and designing with unique and rare gemstones. Ever since the opening of Jewelry Set in Stone in 2015 I have built a collection of gemstones that I grew to call my own. The stones range in color shape and size and each has a story. Some of these I have stashed until I find the right client to appreciate their beauty as much as I have. I created this party to find the right fit for these gemstones and design with a client to create a truly one of a kind work of art. Sign up below to be added to my Gemstone Dinner Party. 

What is a Gemstone Dinner Party?

A Gemstone Dinner Party is a fun dinner party where gemstones are the main course. Enjoy a dinner and evening of fun hosted by Jewelry Set in Stone and owner Stephen Kolokithas. This evening includes a sit down dinner, drinks, and lots and lots of beautiful gemstones. 


How does the evening work? 

At the beginning of the evening you will be treated to a wonderful dinner and drinks. Once you have sat down you will get to hear a story about how I came to create Jewelry Set in Stone and how I select gemstones. What am I looking for in a gemstone, is the stone acquired because of rarity, color or because it speaks to a design that needs to be created. Ask questions and learn from a designers perspective. After dinner is cleared you will be presented with a set of gemstones where you have will have a few minutes to look at the gemstones up close. This evening is a learning experience partnered with a chance to purchase one of the gemstones from my collection of gems. 


February 9th and 10th 6-8pm 
*if you are unable to make the dinner party and would still like to meet with Stephen one on one he will be doing private appointments in February before the dinner party during the day and after the dinner party by appointment in our s


310 North Main Street, Suite 202A,Chelsea MI 48118
Party will be in our spacious and beautiful Studio inside the Chelsea Clocktower.

Who is attending?

This invitation is to anyone who would like to experience the event. Bring a friend, husband, wife, and meet some new friends. You must reserve your spot ahead of time, send an email to or call the studio at 734-353-0703. There are a limited number of spots available. 


This event is free to attend and will feature a full dinner by Stoyanna's Catering along with drinks and dessert. This is a great opportunity to acquire/purchase a gemstone of your choice and see some other unique stones. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Seating is limited to 16 guests each night so make sure you reserve your spot today. The form will be updated above as the dates are confirmed. 
Contact Jewelry Set in Stone by eithe
or phone number 734-353-0703

fill out our form to get the first contact once our event goes live. 

Private One on One Appointments with Stephen will be Available before the Dinner Party: 

Details for the Dinner Party

Date and Time: February 9th and 10th

​Register today to RESERVE YOUR SEAT

Admission is FREE and dinner + drinks are complimentary—but seating is limited. A reservation is required.


You can request to bring a friend, ask when you send the Request Form!!

***Jewelry Set in Stone will be closed to the public for the Gemstone Dinner Party.

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