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Custom Design Showcase

This is our custom jewelry process. We create jewelry for you. During this process you are involved in every step of the creative process.

To Learn more about our Custom Design Process  Click Here

Polish Eagle Cufflinks
Custom Wedding Band
Custom Ocho Geode Pendant
Custom Mothers Pendant
Custom Matching Diamond Wedding Band
Custom Botswana Agate Earrings
Custom Rose Mothers Ring
14K yellow gold Wedding Band
14K yellow gold and silver bangle
14K yellow gold and silver cross
yellow gold and silver helanite pend
Custom Silver And Diamond Earrings
Kingman Turquoise and Sapphire Ring
Custom Fluorite and Diamond Pendant
Custom Matching bands.
Fordite Beads
Custom Flower Pendant
Tube Agate Pendant
Custom Blue Victoria Stone Pendant.
Custom cut Fordite earrings
Custom cut Fordite earrings
Custom Fordite Beads
Custom Fordite Earrings
Custom Red Jasper with Hematite Set
Custom Labradorite Pendant
Rutilated Quartz Pendant
Pink Sapphire Boxing Gloves
Custom Pink Cubic  Zirconia Pendant

In our custom design showcase are designs commissioned as well as our own custom designs. We work with our clients to create a unique custom design that fits their personality and style. 

Contact us today to start your own custom creation.

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