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Design Session

During the design session we will listen first!

We want you to feel comfortable to share your ideas because no one knows you better than yourself. We will use this time to learn about your style, discover your wants and needs for the design, and understand the meaning behind the custom jewelry being created.

This part of the custom process is where our relationship begins!


Some things to consider bringing to the first design session:

  • A general idea of the style you might like, preferably 2-3 images

    • If you don't know, leave it up to us as designers, we will help you discover your style

    • Your own drawings...yes stick figures are acceptable.

  • A ring size if possible, The most accurate sizing is your physical finger, but for the covert sizing download the pdf.

Use this link to download a RingSizingChart. You can print the page and use a quarter to make sure the print size is accurate!

*When using method method B, if the ring is not flat on the side, hold it so the circle fills the size and guess. If it is between two sizes, take the the lower size.

  • Your enthusiasm and excitement.

We meet with you to discover who you are and what your story is. Everyone's story is an adventure, how did yours begin? If you are getting engaged, where did you meet? What is the occasion? How can we make this next part of your adventure special? We work to develop the relationship with you first, and then start working with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

The meeting will take an average of 1 hour. It can vary, because there is no time limit on this meeting. Information will be shared and you will be educated throughout the design session. All questions are welcome. This is unique to every person and we help guide you through the process. Selecting stones, metal type,  and design aesthetic will be fun and memorable. 

Custom Design Process

How long will your custom setting take to create. We have created a process to ensure that the finished design will be your favorite piece of jewelry. Most custom orders take on average 3-6 weeks

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