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Welcome VIP Members!

What is a VIP Member? A distinguished VIP embodies the epitome of devotion, a paragon of refined taste who adores the artistry of fine jewelry, passionately champions the esteemed house of Jewelry Set in Stone, and revels in the gratification earned through their diligent efforts. Embracing the esteemed mantle of VIP membership bestows upon you a realm of exclusivity, where bespoke privileges and exclusive discounts await at every turn.

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Now, picture this: a Radiant Rewards Referral Program, where every referral sparkles like a diamond in the sun! It's not just a program; it's an opportunity to share the joy of exquisite jewelry while being rewarded generously. Imagine spreading the love for stunning jewels among friends and being rewarded with exclusive discounts, limited-edition pieces, or even a VIP access pass to upcoming events.


Now, let me share a story that embodies the essence of our Radiant Rewards Referral Program. There was once a VIP Jewelry Maven who, enamored by the elegance of our pieces, couldn't resist sharing their joy with friends. With each referral, not only did they add dazzling pieces to their collection but also witnessed their friends' faces light up with the same enchantment they held for our jewelry. It was a cycle of spreading beauty, joy, and sophistication—one referral at a time. Leave a review at this link to share your story.

Speaking of events—hold onto your gemstones! Our upcoming exclusive gatherings are an affair to remember. Imagine an evening under the stars, surrounded by like-minded jewelry enthusiasts, sipping champagne while getting a sneak peek at the latest collections straight from the atelier. It's a glamorous rendezvous that whispers of opulence and radiates with the sparkle of anticipation.


Calendar 2024

We have three types of events this year!! Gemstone/Diamond Dinner Parties, Diamonds after Dark Socials, and Unlock your treasures. Dates Below:


Tucson Gem Show January 30th to Jan 4th


Stephen's Dinner Party: February 9th and 10th


9th Diamond After Dark Social Party 6-8pm.


April 22nd Earth Day!!

Unlock your Treasures April 15th through April 22nd


May 4th Dave Grimes Dinner Party


Jewelry Set in Stone 9th Anniversary Party June 14th 

Father's day June 16th

Jewelry Set in Stone’s 9th Birthday June 17th


Ann Arbor Art Fair July 18th to July 21st


Diamond Dinner Party August 9th and 10th


September 14th Diamond after Dark Social Party


Scott Sucher Gemstone Dinner Party Oct 11 and 12th


Small Business Saturday November 30th, November 23rd Cut off for Repairs 2024


Cyber Monday December 2nd

December Bash-Diamonds After Dark Social December 7th

In essence, our Radiant Rewards Referral Program isn't just about earning rewards; it's about creating a radiant community where the love for exquisite jewelry binds us together.

So, to all our VIP Jewelry Mavens and soon-to-be members of this exclusive circle, get ready to shine brighter than ever before with our Radiant Rewards Referral Program and prepare for the glam soirées that await—where elegance meets ecstasy and every piece tells a story of timeless allure.

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