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Custom Monthly Design

This is a fun social media contest where there is a stone displayed and four designs to vote on. You will vote on your favorite design and the winning design will be created by the end of the month. Recruit your friends and family to help your design win. But beware they might like another design. You will have a chance to follow the winning design throughout the entire custom design process and see why so many individuals choose to have us custom design them a piece of jewelry.

Deschute Picture Jasper- May

Deschutes picture rock jasper. This is a really unique design because of the scene that is created.

Petoskey- April

This piece was custom designed for the St. Joseph Mercy Annual Benefit.

Did your Design Win?

Fordite- March

Custom cut Fordite Cabochon

Do you know what Fordite is?


Chevron Amethyst- February

Dinosaur Bone- January


Chevron Amethyst. This stone is natural occuring with these beautiful layers. The layers add an extra flare.

Choose Your Design

This dinosaur bone is cut from material in the western part of the US. Dinosaur bone comes in many colors.


Labradorite is normally a smokey color like the line running through the stone. When the light hits is just right the stone comes to life. It is similar to the northern lights.


Botswana Agate- October

This was our first piece of jewelry created for our monthly desing contest. In this gallery you will also see the matching earrings!!!

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