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Jewelry CAD Designer, Cinda Dawson

I am a jewelry designer.  In 2014 I joined the Livingston Gem and Mineral society, and I was captivated by rocks. I enjoy spending time shaping rough rocks into beautiful cabochons.  My favorite part of cabbing is deciding the best way to bring out the beauty of the stone and seeing the results from something I put my heart into.  I take pleasure in working with my hands and creating jewelry from raw materials.


My favorite current activities include making cabochons, and shopping for new rough and slabs at gem and mineral shows.  I think it is a great adventure to visit the Upper Peninsula for a week during the summer with my family.  We explore the rocky beaches, and I drag them to a mine every once in a while.  


I enjoy visiting art museums and galleries.  I’m drawn to French Impressionist artists such as Renoir and Monet.  I also like to visit old towns with interesting architecture and decorative moldings.  I am influenced by ornamental details from jewelry, antique light fixtures, and 19th century furniture.


I have had many hobbies in the past involving hands-on creativity.  I’ve taken leisure classes for gardening, silk floral design, cake decorating, and polymer clay.  I still enjoy making resin jewelry and mixed media (with a steampunk flair) when I carve out the time.


I’m a Buckeye and have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University. For 20 years I worked as a test engineer, and this background helps me think three-dimensionally when I work with CAD (computer aided design).


I started silversmithing in 2018 but still consider myself to be a novice.  I look forward to learning a plethora of information from Stephen and Jon, and I am delighted that I have the opportunity to contribute to Jewelry Set in Stone’s growth.  I’m looking forward to meeting you and making your dream jewelry become a reality.

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